Metroid : Tutorial

Here is how I made my Metroid, step by step. Finally had time to make a tutorial!

So, first of all, I started with a clear plastic christmas ornament that I found at Michael’s ($3.95). I cut it with a Dremel tool, to fit the insides. Then I added the veins, with glass enamel -that part is easy, but don’t put too much or it will look like poo. You want to make just a few, so you can see what’s inside.

After having the shell done, I started to mold the brain/intestines/whatever that red thing is out of sculpey. I made 3 balls (hehe she said balls) and covered them with…more balls lol I pressed them on the surface and it looked cool, so do that. After having the 3 balls done, I stuck them together with even more sculpey! I put it in the oven for 15 minutes and done.

Alright. Shell and insides are done. Now it gets pretty tricky. Since I made the shell out of plastic, I couldn’t just mold the gums and teeth and put in the oven, so what I did was… mold them on the shell, take them apart (keeping the shell shape) and stuck it in the oven, praying that it would work. First try: Nope. Second try: YEAYEA. I molded the teeth together, but added them separately.

If you followed all the steps, you should have all the pieces, so it’s assembling time! You can glue the gooey thing on EVA foam. Just cur the foam with the same radius as the ball opening and you should have no problem sticking it together. I used hot glue on the bottom to secure it and then I added some sculpey (still soft).